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A long and safe fire career requires recruits to be knowledgeable and detailed because their field of work has very high stakes. A job in this field can be obtained by filling out a job application online or the applicant may bring their application in to the fire department. Many of the open positions require certifications that can be acquired through fire school and through a fire academy available throughout the nation. How to be a firefighter is the one question that does not have a definitive answer. There are many different techniques and tips that people swear by, but there is not one true answer that will help someone get hired in the fire service. There are many aspects on how to be a firefighter that many people forget the basics. The basics of getting hired onto a fire department are simple. The hiring fire department will generally be looking at three main areas to be able to narrow down their search to a more manageable number, into the hundreds instead of the thousands. Many recruits forget that people have been asking how to be a firefighter for decades. The career has been around for so long that many people take it for granted. There are many fire schools and fire academies that help potential firefighters boost their chances of getting hired. The fire school offers many different elements that will further the candidates education related to the fire service. This education looks great on a fire resume as well as helping the recruit long term of fully understanding the fire service and the duties a firefighter is required to fulfill.


There are many different firefighters, captains, battalion chiefs and fire chiefs that can help you on your journey to become a firefighter. Firefighters help others in the community when there is a medical emergency or any other type of emergency that requires their service. The fire department is a service; therefore becoming a firefighter needs to start with a well rounded fire service candidate that is knowledgeable and can become an asset to a fire department on or off duty. They need to be a role model in their community and be someone the citizens can look up to for knowledge or emotional support if they are having any type of problem. Becoming a firefighter requires candidates to be passionate about their workouts and their overall health as well. When firefighters are battling structure fires or wild land fires, it requires immense cardiovascular endurance to be able to complete the physical duties while maintaining a clear state of mind to be able to calculate what the next step is to be able to extinguish or contain the fire to prevent any further damage or harm to a person, property or environment. How to be a firefighter will never be able to be answered in one word but it will always start with the basics. Get hired onto a fire department that takes training and exercise fervently because most firefighter fatalities occur due to poor firefighter health and conditioning. Recruits should routinely ask themselves how to be a firefighter before they go to sleep and envision the different ways they can make themselves more attractive for a fire department to hire.

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