Become a Firefighter | Fire Careers

Fire careers have been around since approximately 115 BC and have developed into some of the most stable, self fulfilling jobs available in today's market. This type of service career has many benefits which includes a stable income, the ability help and serve others, great retirement plan and many other benefits. A stable income enables the members of the fire service to possess peace of mind when it comes to their income.

A stable income provides oneself the freedom to budget their spending which may include mortgages, family educational expenses and vacation time, while knowing they will have the necessary income to provide for themselves and their loved ones. There is no better job than helping others, for fire careers were designed to help and respond to the community in a time of need. The fire service has transformed into a well designed service career that is capable of responding to fires and medical calls within their community and anywhere else where help is needed.

Fire careers offer retirement plans that are well deserved for the members of the fire service. Fire personnel are eligible for great retirement benefits for their time served in the service. Retiring personnel have the ability to retire at a younger age than most professions. The members of the fire service generally serve about 30 years and become eligible for retirement at the age of 50 to 55 depending on the fire departments geographical location and policies.

This type of service career has many benefits and will continue to transform to fulfill the needs of our nation. Fire careers are continuing to grow; therefore many fire departments are currently hiring new recruits which makes your chances of getting hired in the fire service greater. We recommend that our members continue to work hard and stay passionate about serving our great nation.

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