Fire Department Jobs

Fire Department Jobs

A fire department is looking to hire qualified applicants that have both, the desired knowledge and the overwhelming drive to help others in need. The modern day Firefighter should be well rounded in their medical knowledge and physical ability as well. The basic medical certification required to get hired into a fire department job is a EMT-B, also known as an Emergency Medical Technician - Basic. This entry level job can be obtained by attending a certified E.M.T. course at your local community college. Fire department jobs require experience as an Emergency Medical Technician that ensures the safety of your patients. Candidates may gain the necessary experience by first getting hired on with an ambulance company that may perform I.F.T’s, also known as inter-facility transfer as well as running 9-1-1 calls for emergency situations. As a working EMT, you will have the ability to work with Firefighters that can give you valuable knowledge that can help you land a fire department job. The position of a working Firefighter can be traced back to around 115 BC and consisted of a large unit of about 500 workers. Up until around 1850, there was no paid Firefighter in the United States.


Once you have gained some working experience, you will become more attractive to hiring departments. Most fire department jobs have the following minimum requirements; must be 18 years or older at the time of your application and possess a valid GED or high school diploma. The one biggest mistake applicants make is turning down the opportunity to take department position tests because “they don’t want to work for that fire department”. Due to the high amount of competition for fire department jobs, it is important to be open to other areas of employment rather then setting your sights on only one dream city to work for. Taking as many tests as possible will give you the experience that you need to be able to score well on the examinations to go forward with the hiring process. Fire department jobs require an entry test and only the top percent of applicants will then move on to the oral interview step.


Oral interviews can be intimidating at first glance, but with the right knowledge and experience, anyone can go into an oral interview confident and be able to come out on top. Searching for fire department jobs is not easy, which is why our service is so vital in getting hired. Being able to focus on your education and interview skills and not having to worry about searching for openings is priceless. We have a great reputation within the fire service for providing the most current fire department job available at an affordable price. Fire department jobs can be obtained by going through the hiring process that includes an entry level firefighter test, then proceeding to the oral interviews and lastly, a thorough background check that includes references, credit checks and a variety of other things the investigator goes through to be sure you are someone worth investing their time and money in to.


There are many aspects to getting hired in the fire service. When cities have opening for fire department jobs, it is important to be yourself and go into the process prepared. Being prepared before and during your career will greatly improve your performance. Every job is different, but becoming a firefighter is one choice that will be worth your hard work and dedication. There will always be a need for the fire service, which is why fire department jobs continue to grow throughout the U.S. and world.

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