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A higher education related to the fire service is highly looked upon when applying for fire jobs and can be a great addition to your resume. Firefighter schools are available all over the nation and offer different educational degrees such as an A.S. Degree or Bachelors Degree. Community colleges offer a budget friendly option for applicants that are trying to improve their knowledge on subjects such as building construction, fire prevention technology and many other useful firefighter school courses that will have a positive impact on your chances of being hired onto a fire department. Each firefighter school offers classes at different times and can be enrolled in to fit your schedule. Most schools offer experienced professors that are currently working or have previously worked within the fire service in a variety of different ranks and positions. Experienced professors enable the students to ask in depth questions about everything the fire service has to offer, including the things to do and things not to do when applying to fire departments.


A hiring department will be looking closely at your education. Attending a firefighter school will enable you to obtain a degree in a fire service related field such as fire technology. A firefighter school education is an important part of firefighter recruitment because it shows the fire department that you are dedicated and have put time to develop your knowledge in ways that will benefit you and the department if you are selected for hiring.


Additionally, departments will be looking closely at your personality type. The fire service is definitely not the average job and requires a strong minded individual that can perform when put under stressful situations. Fire department's are on stand by everyday of the year including holidays and as a working fire service employee, you may be required to work for 96 hours or more for one shift alone. The departments are looking for qualified candidates that are able to perform on the job when it counts as well as being able to communicate and work along side with different types of personalities on scene and back at the fire house. Firefighter school allows you to develop personal relationships with other students just like yourself which will allow you to learn from each other about the hiring process as well as taking trips together when taking fire department tests.


Firefighter school has become more important than ever in this day and age. Fire departments are looking for candidates that are dedicated, passionate and educated. Most firefighter schools offer a state certified fire academy which will enable you to obtain important qualifications and certifications that some departments require you to have before you become eligible to apply for their open position. Firefighter school is a great investment of your time and will benefit you by increasing your education level and providing you with information and the tools to be successful going forward in your career.

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