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When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, that is when you will be successful. Everyone wants to get hired and wear the badge but, not everyone is willing to put in the effort to accomplish that goal. Getting hired is an achievement that can change your life and becoming part of the fire service brotherhood is an amazing feeling. Every fire department has unique policies and regulations, but one thing they all have in common is that every department employee knows that his fellow Firefighters have his back in any situation. This may seem cliche to some, however this comes to life when a Firefighter goes down and is in need of rescue. The training Firefighters complete on a daily basis is essential for them to be able to complete the rescue and medical care required in emergency situations.


Job seekers looking for fire service careers will generally require an average of 1 to 2 years of testing before getting picked up. For some, it takes less time and for others it may take longer. The true test is to see how passionate you are about this career and your determination to accomplish your dream. Getting hired by a volunteer department can be extremely helpful to your chances of being hired to a full time paid position. Working as a volunteer Firefighter will help you develop the necessary skills and techniques required to have a long and safe career.


Most Firefighter deaths are caused due to lack of physical stamina as well as poor decision making which is why staying in shape and training are so important. The candidates physical ability test, also known as the CPAT, is a physical test designed to simulate the common tasks required on the job such as raising a ladder, dragging an unconscious victim, climbing stairs, forcible entry, ceiling breach, hose drag and equipment carry. Although a good amount of strength is required, we recommend focusing on your cardiovascular fitness in order to be able to complete tasks over an extended amount of time.


When searching for fire department jobs, it is recommended to apply to as many positions as possible that you qualify for. Some departments have numerous qualifications to become eligible for hiring which may immediately exclude some applicants. For this reason obtaining a variety of high value qualifications is essential to landing a fire job. Candidates who possess a large amount of qualifications such as a Paramedic certification or an undergraduate degree are able to test with a wider number of departments.


In general the minimum requirements consist of the following: applicants must be at least (18) years of age or older and possess a valid high school diploma or GED (General Equivalency Degree). Firefighter tests will generally cover basic mathematics including division, multiplication, subtraction, addition, fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios. Another section of the examination will generally be reading comprehension which is defined as the level of understanding of a text. A further section of the fire exam is job related personal characteristics that have been demonstrated to be direct indicators of a successful Firefighter.


Getting hired has many different aspects that can improve your chances of employment, but it all boils down to how much work and effort you put into it. If you want to be a Firefighter you must make it your top priority and persist until you fulfill your dream.

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