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How to Get Hired Fast  

How can you find a job in the fire service? The competition is fierce and applicants should be prepared and know exactly what fire departments are looking for in a rookie recruit. An enormous amount of applicants become frustrated and move onto another career which makes getting hired easier for you by cutting back on the amount of competition. Many actively working paid firefighters were in the same state of mind in thinking that they will never get hired, but applying to the right department at the right time is key to your success. Being prepared in life and for your fire career is essential. The better prepared mentally and physically an applicant is, the more likely they are going to connect with personnel at a department looking to hire.


Experience within a field related to the fire service is highly looked upon and is a great addition to your resume. The first step to finding a job is becoming a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). This fire service related job responds to emergency calls 24 hours a day throughout the year, including holidays. Fire emergency medical technicians are certified to perform basic life saving techniques on patients. Most EMT’s work on an ambulance which is comprised of an EMT driver and attendant who is assigned to assist the patient in the back of the ambulance. Most fire departments require an EMT certification. The reason for this is the majority of calls are medical related problems. Candidates may become an emergency medical technician or paramedic by attending classes that will inform and enable you to take a state certification test. After completing the obligatory classes and passing the state certification, you will be cleared to work out in the field within your chosen scope of practice. Applicants with experience responding to 911 emergency calls will have a better chance of landing a job in the fire service.


Another important area fire departments look for is how you volunteer and manage your time. Volunteering is big step to help you find a job. Fire departments do not require the volunteer work to be fire related. Applicants may volunteer their time to cleaning up or assisting at a homeless shelter. The hiring fire department wants to see that you have a passion for serving others because as cliche as that sounds, that’s exactly what the fire service is about, serving others. Representing the department well in a public environment is excellent for preparing yourself to get hired in a fire department and is the next step on finding a job in the fire service.


Enrolling in a fire school and fire academy shows dedication and commitment towards your goal of working in the fire service. These resources are great for networking and it makes looking for a job in the fire service slightly easier because it enables you to build relationships that may lead to more opportunities for getting hired in the future. By furthering your education, showing determination, achieving your goals and accomplishing everything you put your mind to, will multiply your chances of finding a job in the fire service.


Maintaining a background clear of misdemeanors and felonies is essential to finding a job in the fire service. Hiring fire departments take a close look at applicants once they have proven themselves through testing and the oral interview process. Having a problematic record is never a good thing even if the incident is minor. How can you find a job in the fire service while having a troubled background? Applicants may volunteer and do other things that will show the department that you are a changed person, however time is the biggest factor departments look at. A clean background and good standing credit will show the fire department that you can be trusted and will have a future within their department. Firefighters are always dealing with the public; therefore they are looking to hire a high value, trustworthy person that has not had many run-ins with the law. The fire department hiring can only analyze you as a person from your interviews as well as your background history. Making a few simple positive changes in your life such as obtaining higher education certificates and becoming a model citizen will help you maintain a clean background and increase your chances of getting hired in the fire service.


Understanding the fire department hiring process is essential for helping applicants reach their goal of getting hired in the fire service. This process will vary depending on the region. One of the first tests the applicant will have to take is a written exam that covers simple mathematics as well as reading comprehension and other challenging subject areas. Once the candidate passes the written exam, they will move on to an extensive oral interview process as well as a physical ability test and thorough background investigation. Each step of the process is made to prepare you for the next step. Taking fire tests and experiencing the type of questions that most fire exams include will help your overall knowledge and give you experience taking the exams.


It is recommended that you apply to as many fire departments hiring as possible to increase your chances of getting hired. Although most recruits have a specific fire department that they want to work for, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. This is why applying to as many departments as possible is recommended. Stopping by your local fire station can give you a great insight on acquiring a job in the fire service. Most departments offer volunteer positions that will allow you to see how the station works on calls and throughout the day. Observing the way the firefighters interact can give you a good idea if the fire service is the career for you and is something you want to devote your time in pursuing.


Life experience and overall independence are indispensable in the fire service. Fire departments expect their firefighters to be able to complete simple everyday chores such as cleaning toilets, washing the kitchen dishes, yard work and much more. Fire departments are like family in that they eat and sleep in the same building along with depending on each other for their well being out in the field. It is important to have a fully detailed resume because background investigators never like surprises. It is recommended to be truthful about any mishaps and show how you recovered and have become a better person and member of society. One of the most important factors when asking yourself how can you find a job in fire service is having genuine passion for your career.


Standing out in the crowd can be challenging at times. A well rounded candidate with life experience and a good education is a great start. Applying to a fire department that is hiring is as simple as filling out an application and turning it in to the human resources department who will then let you know what date and time the written exam is scheduled for. Following these guidelines does not guarantee you employment, but will help your chances of landing a job and working in the fire service. How can you find a job in the fire service? As long as you are passionate, dedicated and determined, you will eventually get the chance to prove yourself.

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