1. How do I become a Member?
Become a member by clicking our Join Now link at the top of the our home page, clicking on our Get Instant Access link or by going to the Register menu and clicking on Job Seeker. If you need additional assistance, email us at info@americanfirehire.com.

2. When are the Job Listings Updated?
Our database is updated everyday of the week, Monday through Sunday between the hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST, including most holidays. We understand that your search for a position in the fire service never stops, neither do we.

3. How do I take advantage of the Tell a Friend & Academy Grad specials?
It's easy, follow the simple instructions and receive a discount or free service instantly!

Tell a Friend Click Here
Academy Grad Click Here

4. Why can’t I login to my membership account?
If you are unable to login to your account, it is most likely due to a recent billing charge being declined; therefore your membership is not currently active. Choose a new membership type to reactivate your account. It is also possible that your membership may have been banned. We may temporarily ban your membership if we feel your account has been compromised. We may ban accounts due to sudden increases in the number of login attempts. Increased login attempts may mean that your username and password have been compromised or shared online. Your personal data is secure and no transactions can be made during this ban period. If you need additional assistance, email us at info@americanfirehire.com.

5. When will my account be charged?
Member accounts are charged at time of account registration and on date of account renewal, unless membership is cancelled at least three (3) days prior to renewal date.

6. Can I update my credit card information on my account?
Yes, update your billing information at anytime you would like by going to My Account then clicking on Payment Info to update your billing information. This payment information will then be used for the next billing period of your membership. If you need any additional assistance, email us at info@americanfirehire.com.

7. How do I change my password, e-mail address and other account information?
Update your password, e-mail address and other account information by going to My Account, then clicking on My Profile. If you need additional assistance, email us at info@americanfirehire.com.

8. I forgot my password, can you tell me what it is?
Yes, go to the member login section and click the Forgot Your Password link, then simply enter in your current membership account e-mail address and a link will be sent to you that will enable you to update your secret password. If you need additional assistance, email us at info@americanfirehire.com.

9. Why am I not able to receive emails from AmericanFireHire?
Check and update your email address in My Account > My Profile to be sure it’s correct. If your email address is correct it could be due to your security settings on your email account. Simply add us into your Address Book to prevent our emails going to your spam folder. If you need additional assistance, email us at info@americanfirehire.com.

10. I have encountered a glitch or bug, can I report it?
Yes, if you have encountered a glitch or bug with our website, please email us at info@americanfirehire.com to report technical issues or problems and help us to provide a better experience for you.

11. How do I cancel my membership?
Cancel your membership by emailing us at info@americanfirehire.com. If cancelled, your account will remain active until the current term expiration date. Include your account username, full name, address, phone number and reason for cancellation. There will be no refund for any cancelled memberships under any circumstances.

12. How do I confirm that my membership account has been cancelled?
Upon successful cancellation of your membership account, you will be sent a cancellation confirmation email. If you can not find this email in your inbox, try checking your email account’s spam folder, for your email accounts security may have marked the email as spam. If you have not received the confirmation email or you do not have access to your email any longer, please give us a call and we will verify the cancellation at your request.

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