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Chief Fire Officer Jobs

Landing a high ranking position such as a Chief Fire Officer is something most every fire service employee strives to obtain at any point in their fire service career. This position is at the top of the chain of command that may include, but is not limited to the position of Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Battalion Chief or State Fire Marshal. These positions require a vast amount of experience, knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail.

A Chief Fire Officer’s duties may include oversight of firefighter general training as well as incident and hazardous materials response policies. They may also be head of adoption and enforcement of the local fire safety code. This type of position will be appointed to the highest ranking fire service personnel on an emergency incident. This position is vital to the communication and overall emergency scene plan for fighting a structure fire, wild land fire or medical call. The fire service chain of command will always end up at the top with a Chief Fire Officer that has the most experience and knowledge pertinent to the emergency. This type of position is not easily obtained and requires many years of on the job experience and knowledge.

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