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The modern day EMS Ambulance crew generally consists of two EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians). An ambulance crew consists of one driver and one attendant who cares for the patient in the back of the ambulance during transport. EMS Ambulance crews respond to 911 emergencies as well as inter-facility transfers also known as IFT’s. Certified personnel work closely with the local fire department responding to medical calls. The EMT scope of practice is limited, however their job is vital to the patients care and condition. Taking the patient’s vital signs is just one of the duties of a certified EMS Ambulance crew.

Taking vital signs consists of the following procedures:

  1. Observing the patients rate and quality of respirations.
  2. Listening to lung sounds with a stethoscope.
  3. Checking the patients pulse by using two fingers to find the radial pulse on the wrist area or by checking the carotid pulse on the patients neck.
  4. Checking the patients blood pressure with a blood pressure cuff.
  5. Checking the patients pupils with a penlight.
  6. Sensing the patients body temperature and skin color.

An EMS Ambulance crew generally works 24 hour shifts in which they are on stand-by and may be required to respond to calls throughout the night and early morning. Working on an ambulance as an EMT is a great way to kick start your fire service career and will increase the amount of opportunities you have in the future.

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