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Fire Captain Jobs

The general purpose of a Fire Captain is to coordinate, organize, plan, and direct the activities of an emergency scene. This position is under the direction of the Chief Fire Officer. The Fire Captain is also in charge of their company training and daily activities and duties. This position is often designated as the Chief Fire Officer and an incumbent on an incident until a higher ranking official arrives in which the chain of command will take effect and the captain will then step down as the Chief Fire Officer on scene. This title is obtained by gaining experience, knowledge and promoting within a fire service department. The Fire Captain is generally in charge of a fire station on their shift.

This fire service position is responsible for supervising and monitoring the work schedules and tasks the crew is expected to complete throughout their shift. They may also be required to prepare electronic and hand written reports for the fire station. Additionally, this position requires a detailed understanding of the rules, procedures and regulations of their fire department. A Fire Captain is expected to be a strong leader and be able to communicate well with their company to ensure the task or emergency scene is handled in a safe and efficient manner. This position may require a higher education degree depending on the department policies.

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