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Firefighter Paramedics Jobs

A Firefighter Paramedic is the new age firefighter. This position has the same responsibilities of a standard firefighter, but also requires a paramedic certification. A paramedic certification requires attending a certified paramedic course that may be enrolled in by eligible individuals. If a working firefighter is requested to attend paramedic schooling, the fee and most other expenses will be paid for by the requesting department.

Combining the skill and knowledge of a firefighter and paramedic is becoming more prevalent throughout the nation. Performing the daily tasks of a firefighter while maintaining the physical skills and knowledge required to be a paramedic requires dedication and passion. The medical responsibilities of a Firefighter Paramedic include providing ALS (Advanced Life Support) in an emergency setting. This may include EKG (Electrocardiogram) interpretation, institution of IV (Intravenous) needles, catheters, drug therapy, splinting and much more. The Firefighter Paramedic scope of practice may be different depending on each city, county or state. Although a paramedic certification is not required to apply to most open positions, it is recommended to obtain a paramedic license when applying for fire jobs to make you more qualified and raise your value to the hiring department. In most cases a Firefighter Paramedic will have a higher pay salary than that of a standard Firefighter.

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