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Firefighter Jobs

Each Firefighter has their own duties and responsibilities. Firefighters are trained to competently perform specific duties that includes extinguishing fires as well as providing BLS (Basic Life Support) medical services to patients. Every Firefighter is required to know how to work as a team in order to complete the job efficiently. Modern industrialized life has created a need for the fire service to evolve to be able to handle a greater amount of hazards. The fire service continues to combat this problem by using the most up to date technology and expanding the skills and knowledge of the modern day Firefighter.

There are two types of modern day fire jobs. First, there are paid employees who receive compensation for their work hours and generally receive a retirement plan as well as other benefits. The backbone of the fire service are the volunteer employees. A volunteer Firefighter performs the same duties as a paid Firefighter, but is unable to receive any compensation for their time worked. Most fire service employees in smaller cities and counties are volunteers and work together to ensure their community is protected throughout the year. Most Firefighter deaths are caused by unfit fire employees that can’t perform the strenuous tasks that are expected to be performed on duty. We recommend exercising and eating healthy on a daily basis to ensure your body is in shape to handle the responsibilities of a working Firefighter.

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