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Wild Land Firefighter Jobs

A Wild Land Firefighter is required to maintain peak physical fitness as well as their knowledge and skills pertinent to the position. Experiencing summer, winter, fall and spring weather conditions within the span of a few days is not abnormal. As a Wild Land Firefighter, you will most generally be working with what’s known as a “Hand Crew”. Hand Crews are comprised of approximately 18 to 20 workers depending on the task required. This fire service job requires the workers to carry all of the necessary tools, equipment, food and water throughout the duration of their shift. This is needed because each crew may be required to work for an extended amount of time out in the field that prohibits access to outside resources.

Because summer is the peak of fire season, this position is generally regarded as a seasonal job. For the most part, a Wild Land Firefighter duties includes wildfire suppression, fire preparedness and prescribed burns also known as “controlled burns”. This type of position in the fire service is extremely versatile, for each hand crew may be used for different tasks including using drip torches for burning out areas to prevent the fire from spreading, cutting fire lines with chainsaws and hand tools as well as rehabilitation of burned areas and mop up. Cutting line is cutting away a distinct path through the brush to prevent the fire from burning into other areas. The hand tools a Wild Land Firefighter crew may use consists of, but not limited to pulaskis, shovels, and mcleods. This position is designed for a true fire lover and requires an immense amount of physical and mental toughness to perform the job efficiently.

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