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You’ve done it! You’ve been hired onto a fire department and now you’re looking to move up the chain of command. Your continued hard work and dedication is required if you are looking to promote within your department or are looking for greater opportunity elsewhere. There are a few standardized steps in the process to getting the promotion you have worked so hard for.


One of the first steps to this process is simply taking a promotional examination. This examination is designed to determine if you have the requisite knowledge and skills of the open position you are applying for. Promotion opportunities don’t come along very often which is why preparation for the position is vital. Keep updated on the precise time period your department or other fire department is opening up testing. Becoming prepared and educated on the open positions duties and skills required will greatly increase your chance of success for a fire promotion.


The American Fire Hire advanced firefighter job listing service is exactly what you need to give you a head start on the other candidates. Although the amount of competition is greatly reduced when looking to promote, the quality of each candidate has risen. Fire departments are always looking for the passionate recruits that have proven themselves in the field and are competent in the daily duties and tasks of a working member of the fire service. Set yourself apart and join the nations leading fire job listing service.

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