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Brett Moore, FL

I just wanted to quickly say thank you for your service. Although it took my awhile to get hired, I finally did it! Thank you again.

Kris Jenkins, CA

My experience was good! I am thankful that I tried your service because without it I probably wouldn’t have found a job. Thanks.

Connie Dawes, NV

After reading all your recommendations I ended up going to Paramedic school which proved to be my golden ticket. I really couldn’t be any happier right now and this may seem cheesy but, I am finally living my dream thanks to you guys.

Mark Johnson, CA

Over a year ago I ended up speaking with a fellow candidate at a test for the Phoenix Fire Department. I ended up talking with him after the test and he told me about american fire hire. I figured I’d give it a shot. Best decision I have ever made for the sole reason that it enabled me to take more department tests because turns out I was actually unaware of some even in my area. I would personally like to thank you and appreciate the service you have provided me. I finally got hired!! If I can do it I really think anybody can, it just takes determination and a vision.

Tyler Coonan, TX

I have to say, I owe everything to you guys. I called and spoke with Ben about your service and I ended up signing up. I didn’t expect much but I was super surprised with all the information I was able to take which I think helped me get hired because I had a better understanding for how the hiring process works. Sincerely, Tyler

Ruben Garcia, CA

I wanted to reach out to your company and say thank you for your service. I have found what you guys do to be a key resource in my pursuit of finding a job in the fire service. I just emailed you to ask to please cancel my account because I just found out earlier today that I was accepted and am scheduled to attend the LA academy within the next few months. Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much this has helped me.

Brad Murphy, MN

I found your website on Google and I was so happy to find a resource that not only helped me find departments that are hiring but also good information about the hiring process and what I should expect. I live in Edina and didn’t have anyone to ask questions to which is why your service was that much more important to me in my job search. I’m now working for a volunteer dept. and am hoping to find a paid position soon! Thank you very much, Brad

David Teltschick, AZ

I would like to personally thank your company for helping me get hired. I was working full time and didn’t really have a lot of time to prepare, let alone look for jobs. Knowing that I could rely on your service to find those jobs for me was priceless. It took me slightly over 2 years to get hired onto a paid department but I finally did, in Colorado. I am definitely going to miss the heat! Thanks again!

Matthew Stewart, NJ

I wanted to send out a quick email to you guys just to thank you. I don’t normally leave reviews but I was really pleased with your company. I still remember receiving a job email alert on new years day last year. I appreciate your commitment to me and the other recruits, finding all the jobs even when most people aren’t working. I didn’t end up getting hired in RI but I was able to test for a smaller full time department and I got picked up. Please keep up what you guys are doing, you’re able to change peoples lives like mine, thank you so much.

Kevin Atkins, CO

Hi, my name is Kevin and I started using your service about over 1 year ago and have been super happy with it. I don’t think you understand how must easier it has made my search for a job as a firefighter. I was working full-time while having to take care of my 2 year old son with my wife. I was going through fire technology classes at a community college at night time and had to go through a part time fire academy but now I can say that hard work and dedication have paid off. I just got a part time firefighter job and I’m hoping in awhile it will turn into full time but I am just thankful to have gotten my foot in the door. Thank you from me and my family, cheers.

Nick Swanson, KS

My experience has been awesome with you guys. I have been testing for almost 4 years (about 1 1/2 years with you guys) and have been working with a volunteer department and came across a full time paid department testing through your site and I’m onto the Chiefs oral so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high but, hopefully I’ll be able to call and cancel my membership because they hire me, lets hope! Thanks again!

Dan Kennard, CT

I love waking up to my job alerts even on the weekends as funny as that sounds. I just got hired with a volunteer department and hope that it gives me the platform and experience to get hired with a paid department. I’m going to keep testing. Thank you!

Adam Stewart, NV

I am writing this because that’s how impressed I have been with your service. About a week or so ago I was contacted by your company because my payment did not go through. I had forgotten that I had cancelled my credit card and forgot to update my billing information. The guy was super friendly and was made it easy to get my account up and running again. I just wanted to say a quick thank you! Great service which isn’t something you come across too much nowadays.

Jamie Parker, CA

I am writing this letter because I wanted to say thank you to your company. I went through the Rio Hondo Fire Academy and have been hired by LA city fire. I have chased this dream for what seems so long but it has all been worth it in the end. Thank you guys!

Matt McDaniel, OR

Hello, my name is Matt McDaniel and I just wanted to quickly say thank you for being such an awesome resource. I am an entry level recruit and just got hired with an ambulance service near my home here in Salem. I know this is just the beginning stage of getting hired but I’m excited for my future. Keep up the good work! Thank you.

Brendon Thompkins, TX

I have been subscribed to your job listing service and have been amazed with actually how many jobs are available in the fire service. I would be totally lost without it. I haven’t been picked up yet but I’ve had the opportunity to take a bunch more tests and I have been getting further and further into the hiring process so I’m trying to stay positive and I know eventually if I keep testing I will get hired. Thank you so much for your information and recommendations.

Adam Herndon, WA

My experience has been great which is why I’m writing to you guys. I signed up under the academy grad special and am so glad I did. I saved myself some cash but even more important, I was able to concentrate on practicing my oral interview skills and do other things to help my chances of getting hired as opposed to trying to search for open job positions. You guys make it easy, I can honestly say that your service is worth every penny. Thank you!

Scott Pugh, FL

My fire academy ended about 2 months ago and while I was in the academy we focused a lot on the medical side of things. I applied to an ambulance service and got hired pretty easily. I am going to keep testing and using your service and keep following your advice until I get hired. Your company has been great so far! Thanks again.

Alan Wei, CA

I thank you so much for your company’s service. I am a Firefighter with Los Angeles County and I’m loving every minute of it. I finally get to go fight some real fires and connect with my patients and the public. Thank you guys so much!

Zack Kappeler, LA

My experience has been really good. I’m happy with the service I have received and am in currently in the hiring process with the Sulphur fire department. Obviously you guys are doing something right! GET SOME!

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